Birth & Death

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Can we care for death as much as birth?

In this world we celebrate birth and we mourn death.

We do everything in our power to avoid death, to fear it, to judge it.

There is so much judgment on death: how wrong it is, how sad it is, how awful, how tragic.

My question is why?

Why is death so wrong?

Why do we have to have so much trauma when someone chooses to leave their body?

The Earth doesn’t judge death.

The Earth cares as much for death as it does for birth.

The one thing we all have in life is free will and we deny it more than anything else. If we all have free will then we all have the choice to be born and to die.

We choose to come into the world and we choose when to leave.

That might be a hard concept for some of you to get and it’s perfectly fine to not quite get it and all I ask is that you allow yourself to be curious.

I remember when I was 16 and my mother woke me in the middle of the night to give me the news that my 21 year old brother had been killed in a car accident.

My first thought was ‘’Oh wow, he did it, he left the planet.’’ The truth was I knew this was coming, I knew that he was going to leave. I would have dreams of a funeral for my brother. I thought I was being dramatic imaging these things in the middle of the night. Yet somewhere I knew.

Nevertheless even with this knowing, I went through all the stages of grief like a lot of people: Shock, numbness, guilt, bargaining, anger etc.

This was more about me than it was about him. Actually it was all about me.

There was no acknowledgment of him and his choices in this grief process. I was mourning for my loss, for everything in my family that had now suddenly changed, for my parents sadness, for all of it.

While that may be required, none of this was about acknowledging and honoring my brother.

There were so many people at that time projecting onto us, what a tragedy, what a loss. People thinking ‘’how do you deal with that?’’ ‘’how do you carry on?’’ Because death of a young person is wrong, awful, not supposed to happen in this world.

When someone dies, do they really die?

What if we acknowledged that nobody really dies and we are all infinite so we don’t ever really die, we just change.

My brother changed. He was no longer in a body and I couldn’t physically touch him or hug him but he was around me.

In fact, I became closer to him now than I did when he was in a body and he started to help me in ways I could never explain.

After the grieving process started to pass which took many years, I saw how the sadness, the grief, the heart-wrenching emotions of loss were not actually helping him.

They, in fact, were making him stuck. Anytime he would talk to me, he kept telling me he was sorry, but he needed to leave.

Why was he always saying he was sorry? He spent years trying to tell us he was sorry. Why? Why would he have to apologize to us so much when it was a ‘’car accident’’?

Because we had so much pain from him leaving?

Because he was watching us now, walking around with so much sadness, so much grief, so many regrets?

That’s what this world tells you that you need to be.

You need to be sad, you need to cry, you need to mourn.

How is any of that acknowledging this beautiful being that is still around you but has changed form?

That is what death is. Death is change.

We see it in nature all the time. The flowers are planted, they blossom, bloom and they die. The earth doesn’t grieve for the flowers. The earth cares for the flowers and allows the flowers to blossom, bloom, and also leave in its own timing.

The idea that we are all supposed to live into our old age, is a conclusion and a judgment.

Nature doesn’t create that way, so why do we think we should?

What if some of us come in for a short time?

What if sometimes this planet is too much and we need to get off it for a while?

What if we stopped pretending that this world and this existence is all there is?

What if we celebrated death as we do birth?

What if we honored each person’s choice to embody and be born on this planet and when they choose to also leave their body and change form?

Would that make this planet a more enjoyable place to be on?

Would it maybe give people more choice and in fact allow people to stay a bit longer, knowing that they do have choice.

Nobody wants to feel like they have no choice.

That they have to stay here.

What if we had as much caring and celebration for death as we did for birth?

Maybe our world wouldn’t be as insane as it is now if we did?


Amy Shine


Amy Shine is an Access Consciousness Facilitator® & Talk to the Entities® Facilitator who has been using the tools of Access Consciousness to create more joy and ease for herself and her clients from around the world.

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Obsessive Compulsive or Obsessive Creator?

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is described by the NIMH, as a common, chronic, and long-lasting disorder in which a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and/or behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over.

I had my first bout of OCD when I was 14. I became obsessed with cleaning, I couldn’t sit down in my living room if there was something on the floor. I also had a toddler sister at that time who had so many toys scattered around the place, that having a clear, tidy room wasn’t the most practical option!

Nevertheless, I could not relax or sit in the room until I first cleared the whole room of any items that were out of their place. My older brothers thought it was so funny at the time, they’d purposely throw things on the floor when I’d walk into the room and laugh at me as they watched me pick them up, knowing I could not just ignore it.

What I know now, that I didn’t know then, is that I was having so much awareness/information in my world, that I didn’t know how to deal with, obsessing about cleaning was my way of dealing with the world at that time.

I didn’t know at that time how much I was aware of. I was aware of everything going on in my families world, they’re anxieties, fears, worry about money, about life. I was aware of everything going on with every girl in my class, I was aware of every person who hated themselves, every person who thought they were ugly, stupid, sad, bad…… you name it… I was aware of it all.

How OCD showed up for me was:

  1. Excessive cleaning
  2. Getting fixated on one thing, either a boy or a friend who just became my everything.
  3. Thoughts getting stuck in my head and going over and over.
  4. Feeling bombarded with sadness and crying excessively with no reason.
  5. Repetitive Judgmental thoughts.
  6. Having to have things in a certain order and not being able to relax until they were.
  7. Excessive worry about money as I got older.

Thankfully with the tools and information I now have access to, I know OCD isn’t actually a disability. It’s an ability. Once I started to see OCD as a capacity to be extremely aware and the ability to have lots of things going on at once, I could start to use it to create my life. That is OCC- Obsessive Compulsive Creator.

How I use OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Creator) as an ability:

  1. Have multiple projects going on at any given time.
  2. Keep adding more to my life.
  3. Engage with other creative and inspiring people.
  4. Listen to podcasts, calls, speakers that broadens my mind.
  5. Keep educating myself with the stuff that interests me the most.
  6. Spend time on different things throughout the day.
  7. If I get bored of something I’m doing, add something else.
  8. Challenge myself in a new way, try different movement classes, listen to all different genres of music, listen to different facilitators/teachers. Change it up regularly.

When I get fixated on something or I start to get obsessive thoughts, I ask ”What is this distracting me from?”

”Where else could I be putting my energy right now?”

What if you are not as f***ed up as you think you are and what if you were a way more creative than you may ever have recognized?


If you’d like to know more about this topic of OCD vs OCC, check out my colleague Cara Wright, X-men Facilitator & Access Consciousness® Facilitator upcoming class:

Amy Shine is an Access Consciousness Facilitator® who has been using the tools of Access Consciousness to create more joy and ease for herself and her clients from around the world.  Read more here:




How do you know what is true?

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Have you noticed the current state of the world today?  We are constantly bombarded with so much information every day from television, social media, radio, friends, family, work colleagues, the news, not to mention that our phones are very rarely out of our hands.

There are so many opinions, statistics, theories, arguments, people with strong points of views of what is right and wrong, spiritual teachings, religions, and dare I mention conspiracy theories!

While we swim in this cesspool, how do you ever distinguish the truth?

How do you know what is true for you?

How do you know what is a lie?

First off, a very quick indicator is:

What is true for you is what is light for you. It lights you up, it has that expansive, joyful feeling. Like when you think about being out in nature, or swimming in the ocean or the sun kissing your skin. Is that light? That is what is true for you.

What is a lie for you is what is heavy. It’s got a sticky, dense feeling. Think of an argument you had with your loved one, if it’s heavy, it was a lie. You may have been fighting about something based on a lie.

The truth of you, the essence of you is light. You know those days, where you wake up and you feel grateful to be alive, the day flows with ease, you are enjoying yourself, that is YOU.

Then you go online, you read some article or something pops up on your Facebook feed and you start to feel heavy. You get angry or frustrated or even start to feel anxious. That heaviness is some lie that you are aware of. If it’s heavy it is NOT you. It’s not yours.

You have to start asking when things feel heavy:

~What is the lie here spoken or unspoken?

~What am I aware of?

~What’s light is what is true for you. If it’s not light, it’s not true for you.

~Acknowledging what is a lie for you will sometimes give you a sense of relief in your world and take away that sticky, heavy feeling.

Also, please remember that what is true for you may not be true for someone else. You only know what is light and true for you. It’s not your job to go around telling everyone what is a lie. Know what you know and follow what is true for you.

Wouldn’t the world be so much easier if we all just claimed what was true and light for us and created our life from that place, instead of buying into the heaviness and lies of anyone else reality.

Follow the lightness my friends,



Amy Shine is an Access Consciousness Certified® Facilitator who uses the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness to create a life of joy and ease for herself and other people around the world. What would this world be like if we could have more consciousness here?

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Things I wish someone told me about traveling

Someone very special in my life has just started her first adventure in traveling and working in another country. I have been giving her some support as she’s finding the transition challenging. This got me thinking, I’ve travelled since I turned 20 and if someone could have told me these things when I first started traveling, it may have been easier.

1.Traveling is not the same as a Holiday and takes A LOT OF COURAGE: Traveling, that involves moving to another country and getting somewhere to live and working in a part time job while you get money together so you can travel and explore the country you are in, will make you a more braver and courageous person, that no holiday can prepare you for! Nobody can prepare you for traveling. Moving to another country will test you, stretch you, demand more of you, have you laughing and have you crying. Have you scared and have you excited! It’s a rollercoaster of emotions so enjoy the ride. Don’t be fooled by the idea that it will all be fun. Instead embrace the challenging situations and see the humor in them!

2. You will be UN-COMFORTABLE: The new jobs you take will challenge you and force you out of your comfort zone. You will be so uncomfortable because nothing is familiar. Give yourself time to adapt. Once you adapt to this new place you are living at now, you won’t feel as uncomfortable. You will most likely cry and become over-whelmed. You have moved country. The people are different, there’s a culture difference. Give yourself some time to adapt and get used to your new surroundings. Don’t forget the reason why you wanted to travel to begin with. If it’s because you wanted to spend time in the sun and on the beach, then go do that as much as you can!

3. Every Challenge will become a funny memory and story to tell when you go home: The tiny house that you have to share with way too many people will become a great humorous story eventually! The freak out that you are having because of the ridiculous job you got yourself, will all make great stories to tell someday! Hopefully, you will be laughing sooner rather than later! You are creating experiences here that are real life and teach you more about yourself than any teacher or school has been able to give you!

4. Nothing is permanent:The terrible job you took because you were so desperate to get money together isn’t permanent. You can leave. You can get a better job. You can move from job to job. You are obligated to no-one. These challenges will make you so much stronger as a person and will you give you a gift so precious: The capacity to adapt quickly to anything.

5. There are Kind People everywhere: No matter where you go in the world, there will be kind people and there will be un-kind people. You are traveling. You get to meet different people everyday and you are the one who’s in a different country so people will be very interested in you! Take advantage of that! Surround yourself with the people who are kind and interested in you and discard the rest! Everywhere in the world there is assholes. You may be in a country where there’s a larger population than where you come from so there may be more ASSHOLES! Go to the places that are fun for you and find your people. If you like water sports join the local water sport club. Whatever interests you, go find your people!

6. Stay present and enjoy the NOW: If you put all your energy on what’s not working and what’s wrong, your thoughts will destroy you. Instead if you keep asking ‘how does it get any better than this?’ and ‘what would it take for this to be easier?’ you will change your energy and suddenly the world around you will become more fun and hopeful. You choose to do this, so stay present and where you are right now and making that experience fun & enjoyable. If you are constantly thinking, that it will all be good in a few months when you are going to be somewhere else, you will never have any fun. Every thing is an experience. You can choose to embrace these experiences or resist them. The more you resist: the more it persists! Traveling requires a total attitude change. It requires a ‘I will make this happen and I will make this work’ attitude. Don’t give up. Don’t quit on you. You have the power and capacity to change anything and if you take this attitude, You can make everything work for you.

And finally these experience you are having will shape you as a person. They teach you things about yourself that you may never learn had you stayed in the comfort of your hometown. It’s easy to stay comfortable and keep doing the things we are used to. You are different though. You are asking for more. More excitement, more joy, more from this world. Embrace that as you travel and with everyone you meet. This is just one experience you are having and nothing is permanent. You will return home again and nothing will have changed there. You, on the other hand, my dear friend will have transformed as a person and have a total different way of looking at the world.

Just don’t ever give up. Do not QUIT! You can make everything work once you Do Not Ever Give Up On You.






Nobody can prepare you for traveling. Moving to another country will test you, stretch you, demand more of you, have you laughing and have you crying. Have you scared and have you excited! It’s a rollercoaster of emotions so enjoy the ride.

Are You A Mind F**K?

Are you one of those people who over analyses, over thinks, is always trying to figure things out in your head, and has self-sabotaging thoughts? Jumps to conclusions, makes up scenarios in your head from nothing?

It’s something I have been aware of in my world for a few years now.

It can be called Mental Masturbation, the monkey mind, thinking stinking, as well as many other things. Most recently my new boyfriend called me a MIND F**K!! He’s inspired my to write this article.

Because, Yes sometimes I am a Mind F**K.

When I hit my early 20’s, I started to become aware of the insanities in my head. All the lies, the constant analysis, the over thinking and I started to take steps to recover.  I did everything from 12 step recovery, to Yoga, to meditation, to dance and in the last few years Access Bars has been my saving grace. All these modalities have given me information, insights, change and space for me to be ME, beyond all the lies of my crazy mind.

I would go through phases. There’d be phases where I’d be doing lots Yoga, looking after myself, eating well, getting my bars run, creating and having lots of space and ease in my mind and body.

Then something would change. I’d wake up after a few days of feeling great and my head would be heavy. I start to do obsessive thinking. I’m getting irritated, frustrated. I don’t feel like me. I’m thinking about things, work, other people. All stuff I don’t want to be thinking about. I use the tool from Access Consciousness ‘WHO DOES THIS BELONG TO?’

Because you know 98% of our thoughts do not belong to us. I use this ‘Return all these thoughts that are not mine to sender’ numerous times. I go get my Bars run. I start to feel more like me again. Yet, still there’s this sense of un-ease, this busy mind that seems hell bent on finding a problem.

See, over the years I’ve discovered the MIND IS A DANGEROUS THING. The mind’s job is to limit you. Anything that goes on in my head is 99% of the time LIES.

I have a magical, beautiful life. Everything I ask for, shows up. I live in sunny South Florida, near the beach. I get to go Yoga regularly, dance on the beach, teach Kids dance, am able to share with people a Body treatment called Access Bars that creates lasting change. I earn good money and constantly creating more. I have recently started a relationship with a beautiful, kind, caring man who is changing my world.

I LOVE MY LIFE. Yet, there’s a little niggly voice that is still trying to MIND F**K ME.

I hear it. Its very subtle. ‘This is too good to be true’. You can’t be this happy all the time. Don’t allow your self to be too happy because Its all going to fall apart. These are all the LIES OF THE MIND: Self- Sabotage.

I took something my boyfriend said the other day and twisted it into meaning something else. He called me out: ‘You Are a Mind F**K’.

He was right. In that moment, that’s exactly what I was doing. Why?

Who knows really. Its the Insanities of the Mind that we will never understand. You can’t understand insanities.

All I know is that a mind that is left un-trained is a dangerous thing. I have learned down through the years to train my mind. I have an incredibly powerful mind so unless I train my mind to see the good, to be grateful for what I have, to have joy in my life, to do the things I love to do then my mind will go straight to self-sabotage. A mind that is bored will go to destruction.

I don’t watch television. I keep active and moving because it makes me feel good. I surround myself with caring people. I love taking Yoga classes and teaching Dance. When I’m creating, I’m happy. I read only inspiring books. I listen to music a lot and watch dance movies. Get enough sleep and eat regularly. For someone who moves as much as I do then rest and food is important for my sanity. I never watch the news, read the papers or watch violent films. It doesn’t inspire me. I have a lot of gratitude for my life and if I don’t keep that gratitude by doing the things that i love and staying away from the things that kill my spirit then I will very quickly go into self-sabotage.

I’ve learned that if I don’t give my mind jobs to do and keep it active with all the good things i like in this world then it will dominate me with lies and insanities.

So now, when that Mind masturbation comes in, I ask questions:

What am I aware of?

Who does this belong to?

Who am I being?

Are any of these thoughts relevant?

and What could I be creating here?

Because, most of the times, when my mind is creating drama and problems, it’s because its bored.

So, what can I add to my life right away that would be fun?

So grateful to Gary Douglas and Dain Heer the creator and co-founder of Access Consciousness for bringing the phenomena of Access Bars to this world. It has been the fastest way for me to get out of this Monkey Mind and actually create a life that works for me with tools and questions that actually work.

And the biggest revelation of all ‘THAT I AM NOT AS F**KED UP AS I THINK I AM’.


‘Unlocking the effects of drink & drugs from your body’

Changing the effect of drink on your body…..

Do you like to socialise and have few drinks yet the next day feel like someone ran you over by a bus?
Do you take days to recover from one night out? Or, used you party a lot when you were younger and still feel the effects on your body? Have you been TOLD that you are an ‘Addict’ and will never recover?
If so, this article might interest you……

I used to be this person, I partied a lot when I was in my late teens. Growing up in Ireland where drinking was part of our culture, we started experimenting at a young age and it was all fairly fun and harmless. When i got to my early 20’s the partying had increased and my body and mind had a complete breakdown. There’s only so much abuse the body can take and my body couldn’t take anymore alcohol at the age of 21. I was physically, mentally and emotionally wrecked. I went through psychotic episodes and was told by counselors that i was an “addict” and if i drank again i’d experience another psychosis and advised to attend 12 step recovery program.I did not drink or take anything that was considered harmful for 5 years. I got a lot of support with 12 step recovery programs and will be forever grateful to the kind, caring people i met who changed my world and for the support of my family. Even though i had all this support i always felt there was something missing and that alcohol and drugs were not the problem and calling myself an ‘addict’ or ‘alcoholic’ was not the solution.

In 2012 I found a phenomenal body of work called Access Consciousness. Gary Douglas the founder has put together these phenomenal body process that allow your body to unlock any damage drink and drugs has on your body and has given me total choice in this area. After receiving these body process for 2years and traveling the world doing these classes I now have a freedom in my body and total choice with alcohol.  I am so connected to my body that if I choose to have a drink I cannot exceed what my body is asking for. I can have 1 drink and leave it at that. I do not have to drink until i get drunk. In actual fact now that i have a choice on whether i can drink or not most of the time i choose not to drink. I have so much joy in my life and so much of me now that i don’t need to drink to escape me or this world.

I wake the next morning and still have a lot of energy. There is no sickness in my body or mind. Through working with people and their bodies I have discovered I have the capacity to help people un-lock and change the effects that drink & drugs has had on the body. Whether its just you’ve had a few too many late nights and your feeling run down, tired, emotional, no energy or you have something thats locked in your body from an early experience that you made while on drink and drugs. There really is, with a person willingness and the phenomenal body of work from access consciousness nothing that we cant change. Our bodies were designed to heal themselves and I can testify to this. I have a freedom and total choice in my body and life now that I never thought possible.

If this is something that may be of interest to you can contact me @