Obsessive Compulsive or Obsessive Creator?

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is described by the NIMH, as a common, chronic, and long-lasting disorder in which a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and/or behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over.

I had my first bout of OCD when I was 14. I became obsessed with cleaning, I couldn’t sit down in my living room if there was something on the floor. I also had a toddler sister at that time who had so many toys scattered around the place, that having a clear, tidy room wasn’t the most practical option!

Nevertheless, I could not relax or sit in the room until I first cleared the whole room of any items that were out of their place. My older brothers thought it was so funny at the time, they’d purposely throw things on the floor when I’d walk into the room and laugh at me as they watched me pick them up, knowing I could not just ignore it.

What I know now, that I didn’t know then, is that I was having so much awareness/information in my world, that I didn’t know how to deal with, obsessing about cleaning was my way of dealing with the world at that time.

I didn’t know at that time how much I was aware of. I was aware of everything going on in my families world, they’re anxieties, fears, worry about money, about life. I was aware of everything going on with every girl in my class, I was aware of every person who hated themselves, every person who thought they were ugly, stupid, sad, bad…… you name it… I was aware of it all.

How OCD showed up for me was:

  1. Excessive cleaning
  2. Getting fixated on one thing, either a boy or a friend who just became my everything.
  3. Thoughts getting stuck in my head and going over and over.
  4. Feeling bombarded with sadness and crying excessively with no reason.
  5. Repetitive Judgmental thoughts.
  6. Having to have things in a certain order and not being able to relax until they were.
  7. Excessive worry about money as I got older.

Thankfully with the tools and information I now have access to, I know OCD isn’t actually a disability. It’s an ability. Once I started to see OCD as a capacity to be extremely aware and the ability to have lots of things going on at once, I could start to use it to create my life. That is OCC- Obsessive Compulsive Creator.

How I use OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Creator) as an ability:

  1. Have multiple projects going on at any given time.
  2. Keep adding more to my life.
  3. Engage with other creative and inspiring people.
  4. Listen to podcasts, calls, speakers that broadens my mind.
  5. Keep educating myself with the stuff that interests me the most.
  6. Spend time on different things throughout the day.
  7. If I get bored of something I’m doing, add something else.
  8. Challenge myself in a new way, try different movement classes, listen to all different genres of music, listen to different facilitators/teachers. Change it up regularly.

When I get fixated on something or I start to get obsessive thoughts, I ask ”What is this distracting me from?”

”Where else could I be putting my energy right now?”

What if you are not as f***ed up as you think you are and what if you were a way more creative than you may ever have recognized?


If you’d like to know more about this topic of OCD vs OCC, check out my colleague Cara Wright, X-men Facilitator & Access Consciousness® Facilitator upcoming class: https://www.caraawright.com/events-1/ocd-v-occ

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How do you know what is true?

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Have you noticed the current state of the world today?  We are constantly bombarded with so much information every day from television, social media, radio, friends, family, work colleagues, the news, not to mention that our phones are very rarely out of our hands.

There are so many opinions, statistics, theories, arguments, people with strong points of views of what is right and wrong, spiritual teachings, religions, and dare I mention conspiracy theories!

While we swim in this cesspool, how do you ever distinguish the truth?

How do you know what is true for you?

How do you know what is a lie?

First off, a very quick indicator is:

What is true for you is what is light for you. It lights you up, it has that expansive, joyful feeling. Like when you think about being out in nature, or swimming in the ocean or the sun kissing your skin. Is that light? That is what is true for you.

What is a lie for you is what is heavy. It’s got a sticky, dense feeling. Think of an argument you had with your loved one, if it’s heavy, it was a lie. You may have been fighting about something based on a lie.

The truth of you, the essence of you is light. You know those days, where you wake up and you feel grateful to be alive, the day flows with ease, you are enjoying yourself, that is YOU.

Then you go online, you read some article or something pops up on your Facebook feed and you start to feel heavy. You get angry or frustrated or even start to feel anxious. That heaviness is some lie that you are aware of. If it’s heavy it is NOT you. It’s not yours.

You have to start asking when things feel heavy:

~What is the lie here spoken or unspoken?

~What am I aware of?

~What’s light is what is true for you. If it’s not light, it’s not true for you.

~Acknowledging what is a lie for you will sometimes give you a sense of relief in your world and take away that sticky, heavy feeling.

Also, please remember that what is true for you may not be true for someone else. You only know what is light and true for you. It’s not your job to go around telling everyone what is a lie. Know what you know and follow what is true for you.

Wouldn’t the world be so much easier if we all just claimed what was true and light for us and created our life from that place, instead of buying into the heaviness and lies of anyone else reality.

Follow the lightness my friends,



Amy Shine is an Access Consciousness Certified® Facilitator who uses the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness to create a life of joy and ease for herself and other people around the world. What would this world be like if we could have more consciousness here?

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